Incoming Ancestral Spirit…

I can honestly say this has been a long time coming.

It’s been at least three and a half years since I last posted anything here, RP or otherwise. In that time, I’ve fallen in and out with WoW a few times, as well as a lot of things happening in my life. That, and the accursed writer’s block doesn’t help either.  But after a long absence, I’m doing my best to dust off this old blog.

Why, you might ask? Well, with the up and coming release of Warlords of Draenor, we finally get to see more of the Draenei culture. And sadly from what I’ve noticed on my own server, is a severe lack of Draenei-Based Roleplay and lore.

So with a little help and inspiration, I’m going to see about putting together some speculatory lore posts, as well as doing my own little work to flesh out the character of Kharendos himself.  So here’s hope to a new rebirth, and some interesting posts!

RP: A Sealed Letter…

To Greyseer, and the others of the Netherbane…

It is with a heavy heart that due to recent happenings such as the infection, and more recently the theft of the artifact weapon I placed myself in care of, that I must take a leave of absence…

As some of you have known, my actions as of late have become… less than favorable. I apoligize for anything that may have been said or done during the duration of being infected.

It is best that because of this, that I step back, and let those who truly hunt demons do so; I have faith in everyone of you all in the course of defeating the Nathrezim Xonath… I know you can, and will succeed in this task.

As for myself… There are many things I must do to re-center myself; to retain my inner balance, so to speak. There is much to be done, and much to reflect on…

Despite my pilgrimage of sorts, there are way that you all know in order to contact me, but I wish to remain alone during this time… please understand and respect that. Know that I will return to you, those who I consider friends and even as much as family…

And as always, the winds will bring us together again. This, I promise.

— Kharendos


Well, it looks like with the new patch on the beta Servers…

I did tell you I was able to get in the Beta, didn’t I? No? Well, I did thanks to a good friend. *ahem* Anyways.

…with the new patch on the Beta Servers, Archaeology has finally been unearthed (so) to speak. So, as I’m roughly going through it, I’ll try to give a basic run-down.

As far as I can tell, all you mostly need is a dig-site. These are the one’s I’ve found so far. If you’ve found more than what I’ve specified, please let me know

Eastern Kingdoms
– Ruins of Aboraz, Stranglethorn Cape
– Eastern Zul’kunda Digsite, Stranglethorn Jungle
– Burning Steppes
– Ironbeard’s Tomb, Wetlands
– Altar of Zul Dig Site, Hinterlands

– Terror Run Fossil Field, Un’goro
– Quagmire fossil Field, Dustwallow
– Fields of blood Fossil Bank, South Barrens
– Morlos’Aran Digsite, Felwood

– Gor’gaz Outpost Digsite, Hellfire Peninsula
– Halaa Digsite, Nagrand
– Arklon Ruins Digsite, Netherstorm
– Ruins of Farahlon Digsite, Netherstorm

– Riplash Ruins Digsite, Borean Tundra
– Talramas Digsite, Borean Tundra
– Brunnhildar Village, Storm Peaks
– Njordnar village Digsite, Icecrown

Once you get there, it’s mostly a hot and cold game… sorta. When you survey, surveying gear points you in the direction of the artifact.
Note, that apparently this supposedly runs on a daily cycle, and one can only fish up 3 archaeology fragments from a digsite per day. And what’s more interesting, that you’ll get fragments of different things from different dig sites!  As for what you dig up? Well, that may depend on your skill level, I’m not sure. But what I do know is that certain artifacts require certain fossils in order to complete them.

As for knowing where exactly the dig sites are? Well, once you gain the skill, the map pretty much shows you where the dig sites are! (show pictures)

Anyhow, that’s about all I’ve dug up so far on Archaeology. Here’s hoping I unearth something amazing!

A RP What-If: The Caretaker’s Tale

I was once and still am a Earthwarden of the Earthen Ring, although with the
passing of time, I am far more frail than the shaman I once was in my youth.
These days, I spend my time tending to this shrine… which has been my home
for countless years.

…With the look on your face, you don’t know what happened here, do you?

Hm, very well, then. I’ll tell you then…

This place… was the home of a great band of people who took it upon
themselves to sacrifice their very lives for the greater of the world.

They’re also why most demons these days are controlled by Warlocks.

Once, those demons ranged into an almost infinite army, a devastating pack
called the Burning Legion… They left nothing alive in its wake, and
destroyed countless worlds… But that is a tale for another time.

What I am trying to tell is that these group of ‘demon hunters’, even as
small as they were, would risk their own life and limb to eliminate the

And one day, the Legion was no more. So then these demon hunters were now the
hunted now, and one of their oldest allies took it upon herself to slay them,
so that they too wouldn’t become threats themselves…

I however, would have no part in it… To me in my age, I should have been
stronger… But I was lost in memories of the past. And once the threat was
taken care of, the hunter of the hunters vanished…

It has been much time between then, and I am this place’s sole caretaker. I
want you to take a good long look at this place, youngling. Here, great
heroes sacrificed themselves for the peace you have today.

This is why this place that was once called Forest Song, is now known as the
Shrine of the Grey in memory of the one who lead us…

Yes, I was one of them too. Although not a demon hunter, no-no-no. I had a
higher calling as a shaman. But yes, I was once a part of the group known as
the Netherbane…

I do hope you enjoyed this small tale from an old draenei… The spirits as
well as myself are glad you dropped by this place… I hope in my rambling,
you learned something…

… Now if you’ll excuse me, I must get back to tending the shrine… I’m the
only one who does these days, and probably will until I am truly one with the

…I never gave you my name, did I? No matter, it is trivial. I now and just
a Caretaker. May the winds guide you safely to your next destination, either
way… Perhaps you’ll run into me once more…

A change of pace…

Well, folks, if you haven’t noticed already by my post on Twitter, Ungulate Central is no more. I decided after a bit of inactivity, that a change was in order, and one of those was a name change. So hence, Ungulate Central is now Feral Spirits, a someone Shaman-centric blog, along with all the little things that Ungulate Central had as well.  Either way, expect more posts from me in the future.

Data Diving: Jibba-Jabba!

Well, in this installment of  Data Diving, we’re going to look back a bit for this little tid-bit of what I found one day by delving into the 3.3 PTR models. If you can remember way back when WoW first starting getting celebrities to help promote the game, who did they get right of the bat?

That’s right. B.A. Baracus. Or more commonly known as Mr. T.

So, who did I find one day, as I was delving in WoW Model Viewer? Let me show you…

After doing a little more delving, this seems to be a [Mohawk Mask]. It’s wearable by all races, both male and female. Apparently, it happens when someone throws a [Mohawk Grenade]. How one gets one of those, and if it’s consumable, is still unknown. As for speculation, I think this may be part of a future TCG Loot Card, or a gift to us from Blizzard.

Data Diving: Thinga-ma-bobbers!

Sorry for not posting in a while, folks. With work and various RL stuffs going on, I haven’t been posting as much as I should be.  But, I’m going to try and do better.  Anyhow, on with the post!

I was actually delving through WoWMV this morning before work, trying to somehow piece together some pics for a art collage that I have in my mind for a fellow guildie and friend, when I ran into these interesting models:


According to the file-path names, these are of course, different fishing bobbers, supposedly added in 3.2.2. What I’m personally wondering and speculating, could these be part of some of the interesting changes that Blizz said they’d be working on for the re-design to fishing come Cataclysm? Right now, it’s anyone’s guess.

And since the 3.3 PTR hit servers today, I’m downloading it as we speak. Hopefully, there’s a few new things I can show you folks as well!

RP: Finding the Line…

Originally posted on the Netherbane forums, this is my first written RP snippet  with Kharendos told in his own words. I hope you enjoy.


It has only been a couple of moons since I entered the tutelage of the demon hunter group known as the Netherbane. I write this now as a personal record of how things progress as time passes; a journal, if you will…

It was because of the Legion that we had gained the name of Draenei, or the “exiled ones”. For many years we were hunted by those we had once called bretheren, swayed by the lust for power and immortality. For millenia, we did what we could to repell them, and to fight another day with the help of our allies, the Naaru; beings of pure light who took care of us for so long, and watch over us still.

Even when we had found ourselves a refuge, they still came. They had twisted those who lived there into wiping us out, thereby damning themselves…

…this new world, the one they call ‘Azeroth’… I do not wish the same fate as other worlds that have been sundered because of the demonic masses.

I have been spending hour upon hour, reading historical tomes of the ways of Shamanism, as well as the ways of Demon Hunters… It is in between those two that I try to find a amicable bond of which in order to recieve the blessing to call upon the elements around me, whilest also being able to control a dark power within…

It is….confusing to say the least. To be a vessel for both, there must be a balance; this is something I am trying to research still. Whether such a thing is possible, only the winds of time know.

Meet the Cast: Garouk Thunderhorn


(“Meet the Cast” is going to be a bit of a on-going series here on this blog, where I discuss a bit about the RP-side of my characters, and a bit of insight into the history of my journeys with them, be it RP-related or not. Either way, I hope you guys enjoy.)

“From the plains of Mulgore he was raised with fellow sons of the Thunderhorn tribe,  and as time passed he became an exceptionable hunter like those before him.

But like the time before the Tauren allied themselves with the Horde, he too was nomadic. He began to travel the lands of Azeroth, learning about the world around him, and those within it.  He has encounters many evils of this world, but has also taken in some of what the world has to offer. A kind-hearted Tauren to those who are the same to him, but will retaliate if someone provokes him enough.”

RP aside, Garouk here has been my staple character ever since I’ve started playing WoW. The idea came to me after I heard a wacky little song  called “Cows with Guns”. What made it hilarious for me as well, is that they did indeed start with guns.  After a while, I loved the entire aspect of the class, and learned my role in both PvE and even raiding.

I can’t really say I’ve RPed with this guy since he’s been on a PvE server (Gilneas-US)  since conception, but I’ve always had a bit of a vague outline of his story in the back of my head.

You never forget your first toon, and this guy is no exception. Hopefully in the future, I’ll write little snippets here and there about him, and his life in the Warcraft world.

Inaugural Post!

Well first and foremost, let me introduce myself.

Most folks know me as @Kharendos from Twitter, where I’ve oddly been part of the little WoW community there for the past month or so. I’ve been playing WoW since 2006, with my most played toons being well, ungulated (hooved).

My main idea for this page is pretty much to keep those interested in my happenings in WoW, as well as the various things I like to to, like RP and toying around on WoW Model Viewer.

So sit back, relax and enjoy the ride so far. Just watch out for the Construction Gnomes at the moment…still trying to get things  situated around here.


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